Normal Automatic
Water Taps
Sensing Technique Motion sensor, Doppler effect
Power source Battery (DC)
Sensing Range Automatice adjustment upto 90% of washbasin depth
Tap body material Brass (plated with chrome or colour choice)
Sensor Location underbelly of tab. Located near water outlet
Expected Battery life 4-5 years
Batteries 4 X 1.5 V Alkaline Disposable Non-Rechargeable

Sensing Technique Doppler principle using light
Operating Voltage ± 5 Volts
Off Delay 0.5 - 0.75 seconds
Power Consumption 0.5 watts
Tap Body Material Brass (Plated)
Operating Temperature 0 - 100ºC
Temperature Control Five setting digital temperature control
Temperature Setting Touch sensitive knobs with automatic cold
Hot & Cold water mixing By means of special mixing valve provided by us.

Automatic Water Taps
Temperature Control