About Us

Welcome, AOS systems is an Indian company involved in manufacture, sales and after sales service of automatic flush and tap systems for bathrooms.

Why Choose Us?

At AOS systems we bring to you a wide range of innovative products using advance technology. We strive to bring you the best quality products at best prices.

  • You can enjoy glances of envy that come your way with the elegantly crafted products.
  • Our products are focused on saving water consumption.
  • Long lasting products.
  • We provide you battery-operated models that help in non-stop operations even when there are power cuts.
  • There is prompt and efficient after sales service through our network of 7 branches spread across the country.

Where can you find us?

Our products are marketed countrywide through our network of seven branches i.e. Delhi (Head office) , Bangalore , Ahemdabad , Chennai , Pune , Hyderabad , Mumbai. Our installations are at many 5-star hotels , embassies ,airports and multinational offices.

How are our products installed?

The following diagrams will help you understand the
installation of our products.