Doppler Swan range has been specially designed for hospitals and kitchens. The tall design gives you ample space to work under it. And of course you won’t have your tanks emptied because you left your tap on.

  • Surgeons in hospitals can easily wash their entire arms under it.
  • It’s easier to wash dishes in kitchen , specially in restaurants and hotels.
  • It can help you save 90% water.

Technical Specifications

  • Sensing Technique – Motion sensor , Doppler Effect
  • Power source – AC and DC (Battery)
  • Tap Body Material – Brass (plated with chrome or color choice)
  • Expected Battery Life – 4-5 Years
  • Sensor Location – Near the water Outlet


  • Protection against diseases
  • Aesthetics
  • Long Battery Life
  • Safety
  • Easy to install
  • Efficient after sales service
  • Continuous operation even through a power cut

Colors are provided only for large quantities.