ROBO brings to you elegant and distinctive designed automatic flushes to ensure that your toilets remain spotlessly clean.

  • The external mounted model is specially designed so that no breakage is required in its installation.
  • The Robo auto flush system automatically flushes the urinal/WC after someone uses it and moves away
  • Not only do you save on an incredible quantity of water but you also do away with dirty stinking toilets.

Technical Specifications

  • Sensing Technique – Infra red in diffuse scan mode
  • Power source – AC / DC (Battery)
  • Range – 1m diffuse scan mode
  • Visible front plate – Stainless steel
  • Dimensions – Height : 128 mm , Width : 73mm , Depth : 36mm
  • Expected Battery life – 6-8 years


  • Protection against diseases
  • Long Battery Life
  • Safety
  • Easy to install
  • Efficient after sales service
  • Continuous operation even through a power cut

Colors are provided only for large quantities